About Us

Who We are

Aquilas Construction is an Residential building construction company, which was established in 2022. The most promising aspect of the company is that it has a team of very experienced persons handling various aspects of the construction process. They bring their wide level of knowledge gained from their long experience into every project and are instrumental in turning each project into a successful milestone. Their expertise helps in meticulously planning, guiding, coordinating, executing, and ensuring timely delivery of every project. The company believes in delivering every project on time without compromising on quality and workmanship.

Our mission is to build constructions that are absolutely cost-effective and to the complete satisfaction of the customers. Our activities are all geared toward achieving total satisfaction of the customers and towards this end, we use all our expertise and skill in achieving the same.



We believe in cost-effectiveness both for the client and us, and therefore we are committed to speedy action and execution.

Customer-Oriented Execution

We cater to the needs of our customers as all work is primarily to meet the desires or requirements of our customers.


We are technologically oriented so assessment, evaluation, execution, and every other detail is comprehensively done using technology.